LUX & Low Prim Living @ The Wash



As the wash starts to wrap up, of course, the deals do not. Our model found time to share one or two last finds from the Wash’s Cart Sale “Spring Freshness” event. With so many great vendors and great deals it was very hard not to buy the entire event. Our model is ending up her shopping with a darling dress from LUX, and decorating her home with Low Prim Living. With five more days remaining, there is still time to come find some amazing designs from some very amazing designers, but don’t take our model’s word for it. Come down, see what deals you will find, and with items from 10L to one for 50L you are sure to make your inventory thank you, plus your secondlife wallet.

(I personally want to thank all the designers who sent out their amazing items for us models to blog on. I apologize if yours didn’t make my huge blogging list, but I do want to join again the next round and show off more amazing items. Thank you so very much. Much love, Syd!)



Spring Freshness Wash Sale March 2016 Poster ad



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