My Life as a Living Doll

Dear Readers,

Not many of you follow my blogging, but that is perfectly okay, because I am just starting out in the modeling field on Secondlife.

I started last year by entering MISS SL 2015, to my surprise I was selected to be a candidate and run against some of the best SL models in the grid.

I have learned so much and gain even more from that experience. That I have had some awesome opportunities come my way.

One of those opportunities, was to start blogging for Topazia. I love blogging for Topazia, so much even that I now have blogged for Events such as THE CART EVENT @ The Wash. I can tell you that was very challenging in itself, because not only did I have to blog for one designer I had to blog for several. *note: you can see those in the previous blogs*

I have also been crowned, 2nd Runner up in the Miss TWA 2015. (The White Armory) Just seeing my name announced that day was, well, there isn’t any words to describe how I felt that day. Even now, I am still in awe and shock that I made it that far. I even now model at the store. (see pictures included)

I am also a blogger for {AnaMarkova} Designs, which I need to get the rest of the information so I can start working on those projects.

I also have now made it again into the MISS SL 2016 competition as an official candidate, and will be representing my country, USA.

So many wonderful things to come, so please continue to follow, tell your friends, comment and enjoy.

Reaching for the stars again and again.



    • Ruby, I have learned so much from watching and talking to each and everyone who had come into my life on here. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for being my friend and supporting me in all I do.


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