I DID IT! Miss TWA 2015 2nd Runner Up

2nd Runner Up_001

Hello Readers.

I am very proud of myself for getting this far. Am I sad I didn’t win? Absolutely not. I set out for a goal, and that goal was to at least be in the top 3. I would have loved to have won it, but, I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. Being 2nd Runner up only proves that I do have what it takes. With a score of 20 for 2nd Runner up and a score of 21 for 1st Runner up, I know I did my very best to get where I am.
Not only did I become the 2nd Runner up, but I also got married in SL to one of the greats guys that has captured my SL heart. So….watch out Secondlife…there is a new daring and excited new model with title running around, and I am not stopping until I have ONE really good win.

Keep reaching for the stars, once you capture one, it is very hard to want to let it go. Hard work, dedication and sheer determination can make a world of difference.


Sydney Ashbourne-Brown


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