Myst of a Raging Storm

Hello Readers:

Raging Storm

In the Myst of a Raging Storm

The ship tossed in the turbulent storm.
Two lovers holding on for dear life.
Each thinking of being separated from each other. Promising to love each other no matter what happens.

Their lips meet as the ship jolts them like rag dolls. But they cling on to each other, desperate to live. Her tears are mixed with the lashing raindrops.  He holds her tightly never wanting to let go.

Blinding winds and rain tosses the ship.
The seafaring vessel takes a mighty lunge.
It capsizes, she screams to her lover.
He holds her tight as the sea engulfs them.
Fighting for their lives to stay alive, to stay afloat.

The storm was over. They drifted for days.
Then he felt sand beneath his feet.
He drags his lover safe to shore.
She opens her eyes and sees her lover’s smile. He whispers to her, I love you my darling.


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