Sydney and All Her Challenges as~ MISS SL ♛ Canada

Hello Readers!

So I was digging into pictures, and I figured a beautiful collage of my adventure with the MISS SL Organization would be pretty cool for everyone to see.

Sydney And her Challenges for MISS SL.

I can promise, this is not the last time I will be seen in a very public Secondlife eye. I still have my blogging for Topazia, which I LOVE.  I am also getting ready to sign up for modeling classes, which I am looking forward to, excitedly.

I have made the most amazing friends with in the six months that it has taken to finish this competition. I have learned so much from everyone that has helped. Special thank you’s go to each one of the persons that helped organize a very great pageant. Without them everything would have been utter chaos.

Marcus, thank you for the opportunity to be a contestant in with some of the best of the best experienced models in the grid. I have not regretted being persistent in everything I have done.

Ponchi, thank you, so very much for your time, your trust, the advise, the help in taking away my rough edges and making me LOOK Fabulous! You and I had a conversation I will never forget, and that was our very first one, about how heartfelt I was and that you loved that about me. I promise you, I will always be true to myself and heartfelt and passionate about every thing I do.

Vanka, Abby, Frothy, Cari and so many others, Thank you for giving us all directions.

Tillie~thank you for taking amazing pictures of such a great adventure!

To My SISTERS! Yeah. You are are the most amazing persons I have meet and had the opportunity to learn from. I hope we continue to grow and learn from each other. I know I walked away feeling so very accomplished.

Gabbi, Jonelle and Kammie~ FOR helping create my national dress, and also for helping me with other challenges. Without your help, I don’t think I would haven’t have come up with some of the idea’s I did. Thank you!

And, last but not least, I have to thank my family….Dragon Spawns. The countless times I vented, the countless words of encouragement when I wanted to give up. The shoulders that I cried on. The hugs, the pushing me forward. Without you, I am….literally nothing, except just another avi in a great big in-world.

Always and forever reach for stars no matter how out of reach they seem. Dreams are not always come true, but we all need something to believe in, and I am a believer.

Hugs forever and always.



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