MISS SL’s Grand Finale~The End…..

Hello Readers:

Okay, so…I made it all the way through the end of MISS SL competition. I did not place, but that is perfectly okay. I am leaving with a great experience under my belt, great friends and ….some very awesome lessons in styling, and ONE really awesome job, blogging. I am a winner in so many ways that the winning the crown doesn’t even matter. This was, a long six months, but worth it.

MISS SL Canada Sydney Ashbourne’s styling for the evening gown is a mix of two dresses.

The skirts and the flowers are from, ** Orchidea** in the arms of an angel dark, with was added to a gown from, Chrysalis – Charlotte. Also added to the skirt is rose petals from -ADI- Mesh Floating Rose Petals.

17662808633_83e0654cb3_o 17662821153_65b1dfba14_o Grand Finale_001 Grand Finale_002

I reached for the stars, held my dreams high, and even though I didn’t grab that star. I shine just as brightly.

Keep reaching for the stars, no matter how far out of reach they seem. Never know what might be there when you get there.


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