National Costume~MISS SL Canada

Hello Readers!

You get two blogs today….this is the first one.


MISS SL Canada’s inspiration for her National Costume comes from the current Miss Canada who was in this year’s Miss Universe Pageant.
Being that she is representing Canada, and one of the favorite sports of Canada is hockey, as soon as she saw this National Costume during the live Miss Universe broadcast, MISS SL Canada knew she wanted to replicate it in-world. She has worked for the past few months, designing the dress to be an almost exact replica from the original.
The only slight difference is she has placed the favorite team of her supporting MC’s (Motorcycle Club) President, which is the Edmonton Oilers.
MISS SL Canada wears today:
Gown: Skirt !Lycial B!zarre Template~Lolita, texture was made by Gabriella Stonesoul, best friend of Sydney. Retouched by Jonelle Devonshire, and added to skirt by Sydney.
Corset: Anni’s plain~ Texture made by Gabriella Stonesoul, Retouched by Jonelle Devonshire, and added by Sydney.
SCOREBOARD & TROPHY: Made and Textured by Gabriella Stonesoul


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