Press Presentation/MISS SL Canada~Sydney Ashbourne Magic Box Challenge

MISS SL Canada has selected a very lovely gown from the magic box collection from her favorite gown designer, Celestinas Weddings.

Sydney has chosen to wear Amor Del Bueno Gown in a deep, rich red. She has added a bottom skirt to it from Mohna Lisa Couture, in a matching deep, rich red. giving the gown a very beautiful, ballroom look. Adorned with a lovely silver collar from Chop Zuey Couture adds a nice edgy look to a very elegant design. Her belt is a lovely piece she has found by C & C designs, adding a touch of sparkle.

Kylie Sabra will ask a question to our candidate

Kylie Sabra : What are your thoughts on the body image problems of our young women today and how do you believe Second Life’s “perfect” bodies may affect them in their real lives?

Sydney Ashbourne:  As someone that has struggled with my own image in real life, having an outlet here in Secondlife allows us to design what our hearts desire. Not everyone is the same in Secondlife, its how we betray ourselves in and out of world with our hearts should be the only affect that makes us who we are.

Magic Box~Press PresentationMagic Box~Press PresentationMagic Box~Press Presentation


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