The Devil Wears Prada ~Challenge 4

Hello Readers!

So the 4th Challenge was a simple yet complicated task indeed.

Our challenge was to style an outfit to “work” for Miranda Priestley, and get her to smile. In the movie, the idea is that for the “look” to be OUTSTANDING, she would need to smile. The rules are as follows:

One nod = Good

Two nods = Very Good

Smile = There has only been one on record.

Shakes her head = she didn’t like it.

And of course we have the piercing of the lips which means: CATASTROPHE!

MISS SL Canada’s inspiration is taken from the very end of the movie. This is the ONLY place in the movie that Miranda actually smiled.

In Andi’s quest to fit in and trying to impress Miranda, she lost sight of the entire meaning of being herself. The idea that somehow becoming just like everyone else or becoming a “clacker” makes you the best of the best, when in all reality just being yourself and being the best YOU can be in the long run is all that matters.

We are made and conditioned to believe that being pretty, talented, smart, funny, having grace, and style, having all the glitter, all the gold, a fancy title, or a beautiful crown, will make you the best, when actually loving who you are on the inside, and just being yourself it makes you better than everyone else around you.

Unfortunately, Miranda did not like Syd’s style, and shook her head.

I am perfectly okay with that. I was stunning.

17267202386_8237fe7182_o 17291373552_3267c9324a_o 17293202845_fcc5b0dc26_o (Pictures by Tillie)

Snapshot_003 (2)(Picture by Syd~Heavenly Photo Studio)

As always readers~Aim for your star, no matter how far, you must reach high above and touch your life with love, you must never look back, but charge on! Attack! See your goal your star of desire, see it red hot, feel it burning, you must be obsessed with it to make it you~Bob Smith




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