Shopping on SL/Collabor88 April’s Experience

Hello Readers.

So, I am normally a very avid shopper on Secondlife, and I frequently go to my favorite places for excellent deals. One of those places is COLLABOR88. So I take myself to COLLABOR88 a couple days after the hype has died down, and I began my quest of adding things to my “wishlist.” This wishlist usually is things like, the newest releases from Glam Affair/Tableau Vivant because I am love with their skins and hair. They are usually very good, even this time I love the hair, just doesn’t look right on my face, so I will skip it this time. The skins are very richly dark, to go with the punk theme. Again, not my style but very well done. Never disappointed with this designer.

Another favorite of mine is [ba] barnesworth anubis. For those of you who are keeping up with me, there is one thing you must know. I am a house collector. Partly because I want to build/be a better builder. I dabble, actually have five houses I have built and have on MP (marketplace) and have sold…….one. Okay, back to my quest, I was highly disappointed in the build this time by this creator. I don’t think I got the idea behind the creation. To me, it didn’t say “Punk.”

Just as a side note, trailers to me doesn’t say Punk either. Just putting it out there.

Another thing that I am  disappointed over is the lack of music. There is no music at all on the sim. I don’t know but to me, a good shopping experience should have music in the background. I know from taking business classes, that stores will play music because they want you to feel relaxed or get into the “idea” of what the shop is putting out there. In grocery stores, they play slower music, to calm the shopper so they will take there time shopping. I don’t get that with Collabor88, what I want to do is rush through, and quickly browse.

I am not bashing Collabor88 in any way in this blog. This is just my personal opinion, and observation from this month’s experience. Will I continue to go to Collabor88 monthly? Yes, unless this blog gets me banned.  April’s experience just was full of disappointments, and that saddens me.

My next blog will come after Sunday’s challenge for MISS SL. I can tell you, personally, I am ever so grateful that I had never had to do this in real-life. It really has been a huge challenge for me. Plus, being that I am not a “seasoned” model, I don’t have near the resources as some of the others do.  I am solely doing this for the experience and the fun of it.


As always readers~Aim for your star, no matter how far, you must reach high above and touch your life with love, you must never look back, but charge on! Attack! See your goal your star of desire, see it red hot, feel it burning, you must be obsessed with it to make it you~Bob Smith


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