My Quest~MISS SL ♛ Canada

Hello Readers.

So recently I was asked, why am I doing this? Well, for a few reasons. One mainly is that I have something to prove to myself.

My whole life I have been told what I couldn’t do, or what I wouldn’t succeed at. Not one time have I heard what I am good at, and I am good at a lot of things.

One thing I have learned about Secondlife is that I have the ability to be, do, succeed, and conquer anything I set my mind too. I am the one that has control over Sydney.

I know that paths of others cross in this virtual world but then I also have control of what action I will take.

Becoming a contestant for MISS SL has opened some very interesting doors. I have learned to like myself. I have learned, that I don’t have to just be pretty to move forward, I have to be talented, and creative. One thing I love to do is create.

This is not just a contest for me, this is a way for me to learn to be anything I want. This is a step into becoming a unique individual and learning what limits I can push myself to.

We are now coming up to the 3rd and final live audition. That will take place March 1st. I can not wait to see what beautiful and creative styles will walk the runway. Yes, I am planning on attending this time in the audience.

I honestly can’t even express my feelings when I found out that I had been selected to walk in the 2nd audition. I looked at the list at least ten times. Took my phone to a friend at my RL work and asked her to read it to me, just so I wasn’t imagining it. This whole experience has been a dream, I am afraid to wake from it. It’s been the best dream ever.

The challenges are getting ready to start, that I am a bit nervous of. I think mainly because as of right now, I don’t know what will be asked, but, I am sure, I am creative enough that I should do fairly well at them.

On one last note. The Relay for Life Events have started. This is a very near and dear charity event, because less then six years ago I lost my mother to that horrible disease, along with a very dear friend. I also know several close friends that are battling this everyday, and pray continuously that we soon will find a cure, or at least a way to stop the cancer from spreading and taking lives way to early. If you find it in your heart to donate to this wonderful cause, find me inworld and I personally will be happy to find a kiosk and donate for you. Every linden gathered for this cause is donated to the RFL foundation.

One last note: Always reach for the stars no matter how far out of reach they may seem.





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