Take a deep breath……now……exhale.

Hello Readers.

Oh my goodness, what a week this has been! I am so ready for this weekend. Plus I get a three day weekend, so I can sit back and work on some projects that I let slide during the week.

So far, I am still waiting for the next selection for January’s pic for the next group of “aspirants” for MISS SL. Will I or won’t I be selected? Only time will tell, either way, I am very excited.

In the past week, since I have started writing this blog, I have met some amazing people, that have helped me try and succeed in reaching my goals. Trust me, I am very pleased that posting the first blog has had a very positive effect. I hope to continue getting the continued support that even complete strangers have bestowed on me.  I feel like a school girl who just found out her crush might like her, and she magically dreams for him to ask her to prom. As I wait, ever so patiently……I work, at everything imaginable.

I debate on whether or not I want to share my real life with all of you. I don’t mind sharing, but I don’t want people to think the only reason I am sharing them is to get attention. I think, I want to share it, because everyone has a reason for why they do things. For now, what I can tell you, is things I share with everyone. I am a 44 year old woman, with two children. Both of them are grown and on their own, two of my best accomplishments in life is being their mother.

I joined Secondlife in February of 2008, and for the past six years I haven’t looked back. Secondlife is a huge part of my real-life. I found Secondlife, accidentally from watching a program one morning about how a girl paid her way through law school with the money she earned from working in Secondlife. From that point on, I have learned so many trick of the trade that I don’t think that I could never not be involved in Secondlife in one form or another. My real life will always come first, but I am at a point in my life that Secondlife is just as real to me as the one I am currently living. Only difference in Secondlife is you never age, and you always continue to change and do things that you might not ever get the opportunity to do in real life. For me, that is Modeling or….winning a pageant.

….Side note….two more days to find out who the next round of selections, to the “second audition” of MISS SL.

As always, continue to reach for the stars, no matter how out of reach they seem.

….Will post more later.

winter green_001


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