Syd and her decisions, decisions, decisions.

Hello Readers, I am back for another round of blogging. Gosh this is so additive, if it was a drug, it would be crack. (laughs)

Okay, so, I sit here and pound my head on my desk feeling like I am just about to be submerged into a deep ocean and feel completely over my head. I am not going to lie, I am very excited at how all this is coming together, with me wanting to be the next MISS SL, however, I feel like I am pulled into a million directions, and that there is ONLY one choice, and of course to me, its the right one. What is the right one?


So, as I have mentioned before, I have very little to no experience in the modeling world in Secondlife, and that is a HUGE set back for me. So what does Sydney do? She researches, hunts, watches, observes, looks at where the models got there experience from, and does what she can remember from when she took modeling classes on Secondlife in 2009-2010. Yes, there it is, I do have a little knowledge of how this works and what is needed and where to shop for things like walks and poses.  I also have a little experience in walking down a runway. Did I ever get to walk down that runway? No. Why you ask? Well, the reason is due to the trainers real life situation she was unable to allow us to finish our courses. Back then, it was so much easier to join classes, pay for them, learn from them and move forward. Not so easy now.

I have a couple of opportunities that have presented themselves to me. I, again, honestly know in order for me to make it, I will have to do something BIG to get my name and face out there. The fact is that I really want to succeed in this. Again, winning isn’t necessarily what I need. I just want to know, that I have what it takes to make it, yes, even if it is just to the runway. I already broke my ankle in RL, what is breaking a couple of pixels in Secondlife going to hurt?

Speaking of, have  you seen some of the walks that are available for walking down the runway? If I was to walk that way in Real-life, I would seriously break a hip. (giggles)

Okay, back on track, so I got accepted into a very prestigious modeling school, well, okay, I am not in yet, I have the opportunity if I want it. The issue is, it is very costly, and honestly, I really don’t have that kind of money to give. (drowning now)

I have talked to my partner (my real-life) and he said, if I really wanted to, I could pay for it, but the other issue is, if I accept, it has to be paid next weekend, and that isn’t a reachable goal. I would have to sell all my Wild Kajaera Cats, at about 1700L per kitten and get them all sold before next weekend.


On a side note, I do like that I still have that desire to want prove something to myself.

On that note: Reach for the stars no matter how out of reach they may seem.


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