Syd and the Miss SL 2015 Adventure

Hello Readers.

A lot of you don’t know who I am, yet. I would like to hope that this blog will become a very popular and interesting place for all, and give you all a sense to what it is like to be a “Second Lifer.”

In my time on Secondlife I have done many things, from owning a club to doing absolutely nothing.

For the very first time, I have now sought out to hold a title in the very first MISS SL 2015. For those that are reading this, let me give you a little bit of information that will help you understand what this is, and how I got started in my newest adventure.

I am a photographer in Second Life. I am a picture taker, at most, of everything I set my camera to. Lately, I have joined a few “groups” that specialize in photography. One of those groups is “Associated SL Press.” One day, after coming home from work, I saw a notice that caught my attention, and it was about  becoming the “first MISS SL 2015.” I jump into this project immediately wanting to know what to do and how to join, I honestly didn’t give a second thought to how much work this was going to turn out to be. I laugh now, because even though I have not yet been selected to participate in this “pageant,” I have done nothing for the past two months but, eat, sleep and dream, of what it would be like to hold such a title.

I have entered into a lot of contests on Secondlife. This one, is different. This is more. This is a creativity, talent and beauty competition. That is right, a real, beauty pageant on Secondlife. Okay, so, with this said, I have dove into this project of self-change, from changing my look, buying gowns, looking at makeup, buying jewelry, hair, shoes, and the list grows. I have shopped every gown store on Secondlife and Marketplace, tested every pose and animation for hours upon hours, reassessed my Flickr page, viewed everything humanly possible so that I might have the opportunity to at least make it to the runway.  It’s amazing what one finds out about themselves when they start to research into a new adventure. I have found out, well, that I am really not that talented as a photographer, not that savvy in selecting shapes, skins or gowns, and I certainly do not have the background as some of the selected candidates from December’s selections. However, with this new found knowledge about myself, I have made it a goal not to give up.

There is a saying in the world, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” I am, and will never be a quitter. I might step back and re-think my choices, and what I can do better the next time, but I am not quitting. Even if I am not selected, this has given me the opportunity to really become more creative in my Secondlife, and to set some goals that before seemed unreachable. One and to me the most important goal is to become a better person inside and outside of Secondlife.

So, back to my new adventure, with all that I have done to prepare for this, I have taken more pictures of myself then I could imagine. I have asked my friends, and Secondlife family to help me select pictures to enter. December’s was not that great, and now that I look at it, I agree, I can always do much better. I re-entered for January, and yes it is better, however, I still think and know that I can do much better. You can see the pictures entered and find out information on this Organization at the following website:

I urge that all of you take the time to read the amazing Miss SL News pages, they are full of very interesting and vital information as to what is going on with this competition.

I am selection three in December and selection four in January’s. I have to say, I am very proud of myself for even trying out for this title. I can see there is so many very talented and beautiful ladies that are competing for this title, and I personally wish each one the best of luck.

I am adding my very first style card, and hoping that this is just the start to a very exciting new year. So, let’s bring on 2015 and always reach for the stars no matter how out of reach they may seem.

I am crazy_005



  1. Beautiful inside and out! I am so glad to be able to call you my friend! I hope you inspire all others out there to show them there is absolutely a lot more to SL than sex, and a dating site! Can’t wait to see what else you bring to this event in your life! I will be following you! Good luck Syd ❤


    • Jenn,
      Your comment actually made me tear up. In the past six years, there has been so many avenues of my Secondlife, some not mention worthy, the one thing that has give me the greatest joy are the friends I have made, and the one who have stood not only behind me in my “adventures,” but the ones who are willing to walk beside me, supporting me in the one way that is the most important, just being there. Thank you Jenn


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